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Buster Moe

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Buster Moe – Stockholm, 2016

Young Heart, Old Soul

Real life is all you need to channel powerful pop demons – Just ask Buster Moe, the voice of modern soul. The 24-year old singer/songwriter emerges from the fertile Swedish circuit with a solid agenda for timeless music built on the foundations of his life experiences, lapping up influences from across the musical spectrum to satisfy the taste buds of audiences young and old alike. Aligned with PRMD Music and armed with a solid run of original material, 2016 sees Buster Moe step out of the shadows and into the business of bringing his playful attitude and unprecedented ability to fuse conflicting emotions into the modern pop landscape.

A once shy musical prospect inspired by the timeless works of Eric Clapton, Nima Simone and Bob Dylan, the young Buster Soderstrom would not find the confidence to channel his musical demons until the age of 14. A rare moment of confidence waiting for the bus with his friends saw the young Swede burst into an on-the-spot rendition of ‘Isn’t She Lovely,’ a performance which led his friends to suggest joining their recently formed covers band. Testing the waters on social media and YouTube along the way, Buster’s initial moment in the spotlight would come off the back of his signing to At Night Management and PRMD Music, the family behind Avicii, Axwell Ingrosso and more. Swinging an upbeat alternative take on Cypress Hill’s ‘Insane In The Brain’ as part of Cold Chilling: Compton, Buster’s first formal release garnered more than 1m streams and peaked at #3 in the Swedish and #5 in the Spotify global viral charts, with media support coming from the likes of LA Times, High Snobiety and Nylon Magazine.

Past the success of his contribution to the Cold Chilling Collective, Buster was ready to shine a spotlight on his modern soul stylings. The culmination of 24-years life experience, his agenda for modern soul based on real life emotions was ready to roll. ‘You can have a messed up day or a perfect day, but there is always something to take from the realities of your life that can be put into music,’ he explains. ‘For me, what’s fun is to take delicate subjects and frame them in a way that almost feels contradictory, but also makes you think about them in a new way.’

This couldn’t be truer than that of debut single ‘Shoot Me,’ Buster’s first strike for PRMD Music. A tarnished love story set to the backdrop of a perky musical canvas, the juxtaposition of Buster’s recollection of a destructive relationship and the upbeat melodies of the single paints a vivid picture for this intense and personalised musical journey. As the first of a string of singles that will lead to Buster’s debut EP, this old soul has a young spin on things that make him essential to the modern musical landscape.